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Simplifying EV Financing

Whether you’re an individual with credit challenges, a fleet operator burdened by high interest rates a corporation aiming to switch to EVs or an EV OEM, BLive offers customized financing solutions so you don’t have to worry about money.

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Ownership Made Easy


Unlock the path to electric vehicle ownership with our hassle-free loan options. Seamlessly navigate the financial landscape and drive your dream electric vehicle home with confidence.


Experience the convenience and flexibility of leasing an electric vehicle. With our customizable lease plans, enjoy the benefits of driving a sustainable vehicle without the long-term commitment.


Discover the freedom of electric mobility through our EZY rental solutions. Whether for short-term needs or extended journeys, rent an electric vehicle effortlessly and embark on eco-friendly adventures.

Whom We Finance?

Fleet Operators

We provide tailored financing solutions to fleet operators, enabling them to expand their electric vehicle fleets seamlessly. Drive towards a sustainable future with our flexible financing options.

Logistics Companies

Partnering with logistics companies, we fuel the transition to electric fleets, enhancing efficiency and reducing carbon footprints. Let us support your logistics business as you embrace eco-friendly transportation solutions.


As an EV OEM, access our financing services to accelerate your production and distribution efforts. Secure the resources needed to scale your electric vehicle manufacturing operations with confidence.

Any EV Business

Whether you're a charging infrastructure provider, EV component supplier, or service provider in the electric vehicle ecosystem, our financing solutions cater to your unique needs. Drive innovation and growth in the EV industry with our comprehensive financial support.

Why BLive?

Range of EV Lenders

Choose from top-tier banks and institutions, ensuring you get the most competitive rates.

Flexible Ownership Options

Tailor your ownership with ease – whether it’s easy EMIs or flexible leasing options.

Digital Lending Process

Click the link, fill the form, and relax – our team will connect with you in a breeze.

Quick Disbursement

Blink, and it’s in your account. Once approved, your funds race to you.

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