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Optima CX

63,190.00(EX-Showroom Price)

Designed to look the part and act the part, Optima CX’s double batteries, front suspensions inspired by best in class motorcycles, comfortable seating, and anti-theft alarm work in unison to ensure every ride you take is stress-free.


Built around reinforced high-strength steel chassis; the Optima CX is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag which immediately translates to better range. With a kerb weight of just 83 kgs, this vehicle can seat two adults comfortably and is suited for both men and women. Offered in cyan, matte red, and matte grey, you are sure to fall in love with the new attractive colours.


Complete with power-packed all-weather dual battery 51.2V/30AH and 1.3kWh portable Li-ION battery that can last up to 5 years. It is detachable and lightweight, with a charge requirement of merely 4-5 hours that will last for up to 122kms.

You can charge the battery with a humble home 5A socket, and you are good to go. The battery is protected by a battery management system that protects your battery against the adverse impacts of overcharging, deep discharging, and over current so that you enjoy the enhanced performance of your Optima CX.


A BLDC motor powered by a 51.2V/30AH x2 2.7kwh lithium-ion battery churns out an impressive top speed of 42 kmph which is an impressive urban commute figure. Generating 550w of power and 1200w of power at peak performance, the motor is a mighty one whilst keeping range anxiety at bay, giving a generous run time of 110km on a full charge. Helping is the cause is a state of the art ‘regenerating braking’ which recharges your battery every time you break, on the go. At the end of the day, charge your lithium-ion battery like a phone, within 4 to 5 hours, and you’re all set for the next morning. Rated 6A, the battery comes with intelligent charging and advanced safety for voltage and temperature protection.

Comfort – Tires & Gearing, and Range

Magnesium alloy 16-inch wheels wrapped by 3 inch wide tyres are ideal for zipping past stagnant city traffic. With a marvellous ground clearance of 140mm, riding on scary speed breakers is tension-free. Two people can be easily seated on the large & comfortable seat of the Optima CX and the one-speed gear is ideal for both women & men who are confident of riding a gearless vehicle.

Brakes and Safety

Front & rear drum brakes give you ample control of the vehicle, and the large 16 in wheels which are 3 inches wide inspire confidence to manoeuvre the scooter in city traffic with ease. The front telescopic suspension arrangement provides you with accurate feedback of the riding surface and irons out tiny potholes, undulations, humps and others from reaching the handlebar. Not to forget regenerating braking that charges your bike every time you squeeze the breaks and this comes in handy in bumper to bumper traffic.


The Optima CX is an impressive, modern-day EV which comes with a 3-year warranty. A charging port, digital speedometer, remote lock, and an anti theft alarm top off the features of the vehicle.

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140 KM

Top Speed

42 KM

Charging Time

4-5 Hours

Registration Required



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