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EZY Delivery Program: Revolutionizing EV Fleet Ownership in India

In India’s dynamic electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, entrepreneurs are exploring diverse revenue streams beyond the conventional sale of EVs and charging networks. A significant avenue gaining prominence is the ownership of EV fleets, particularly in the flourishing last-mile delivery sector. As this business segment expands in India, numerous entrepreneurs aspire to become fleet operators, offering their EVs for rent to e-commerce, food delivery,
and logistics companies.

The reason behind the increasing demand for EV fleets is reducing costs and carbon footprints by these service-oriented companies. Utilizing EVs not only proves cost-effective in the long run but also positions companies as environmentally-conscious organizations, enhancing their reputation among consumers.
However, potential fleet owners often face concerns related to hefty down payments, the demand for fleets, and efficient management. Addressing these apprehensions, BLive, India’s leading multi-brand platform for EV solutions, introduces the EZY Delivery program, designed to offer customized services to aspiring fleet owners.

Key Features of EZY Delivery Program

Wide Range of Commercial Vehicles

Entrepreneurs can choose from a diverse range of two, three, and four-wheelers from reputed brands, allowing them to select vehicles that align with their business requirements.

Demand Generation

BLive facilitates demand aggregation across various industries, including e-commerce, food delivery, and logistics. This ensures a consistent flow of customers for the EV fleet, enhancing the profitability of fleet operations.
EZY Finance: BLive addresses financial concerns by offering 70 to 80% finance for the EV fleet, minimizing the initial capital investment required by entrepreneurs.

Flexible Leasing

 The program provides flexible leasing and rental options, streamlining the process of fleet ownership.

Fleet Management System

BLive integrates advanced technologies such as GPS tracking, telematics, and fleet management and maintenance software. These tools empower fleet owners to efficiently manage their vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime.

Post-Sales Support

BLive’s  comprehensive support includes roadside assistance, extended warranty, vehicle servicing, and access to spares and accessories. This end-to-end support ensures the longevity and reliability of the EV fleet.

Benefits of EZY Delivery Program

Minimal Capital Investment

Entrepreneurs can enter the EV fleet business with minimal capital investment, thanks to the financing options provided by BLive.

Efficient Fleet Operations

The integrated tech platform enhances fleet operations, offering real-time insights through GPS tracking and telematics, contributing to a seamless and efficient business process.

Consistent Flow of Customers

BLive’s demand generation ensures a steady stream of customers for the EV fleet, contributing to the sustained success of the business.

24/7 Customer Connectivity

Fleet owners can stay connected with their customers through a user-friendly app, fostering continuous engagement and satisfaction.

Commercials and Investment

  • 70-80% Finance Availability.
  • Impressive 80-90% Return on Equity in just three years.
  • Retail Space for Parking 50 EVs.

In conclusion, BLive’s EZY Delivery program emerges as a game-changer in the space of EV fleet ownership in India. By addressing the concerns of aspiring fleet owners and offering a comprehensive package of services and support, BLive paves the way for entrepreneurs to enter the EV industry, contribute to sustainability, and open a new revenue stream.