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Club Mahindra & BLive: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Deliveries with Swift Speed

Client Introduction

 Club Mahindra, the leading brand of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, has over 125 resorts, emphasizing serene and eco-friendly hospitality.


  • Late deliveries to customers within resort premises.
  • Pollution and noise associated with conventional vehicles.

BLive's Solutions

  • Tailored EV Fleet: Electric two-wheelers for swift and eco-friendly deliveries 
  • Green Efficiency: Complete eradication of pollution and noise


  • No Pollution and Noise: Zero emission and vehicular noise in the resort premises.
  • Speedy Deliveries: Enhanced customer service with fast and agile electric vehicle deliveries.


  • BLive’s tailored EV solution empowered Club Mahindra to provide quick and pollution-free deliveries.
  • The collaboration showcases the success of eco-friendly solutions aligning seamlessly with the resort’s ethos.

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